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C O V I D - 1 9   P O L I C I E S   &

R E O P E N I N G   G U I D E L I N E S


Please be assured that I am taking every possible precaution to keep myself healthy so that I am able to serve you at your upcoming event, and to keep each & every client who comes through my chair safe and healthy as well. 

Walk-ins can not be accommodated at this time. All appointments must be scheduled in advance.


I pride myself on regularly (24/7, 365) upholding the highest sanitation standards in my kit. These practices include: 

  • Sanitizing my hands with hand sanitizer containing a minimum of 60% alcohol before and after every client.

  • Sanitizing my brushes in between every client, and deep cleaning them after each day of use.

  • Using disposables when needed (disposable mascara wands, lip wands, wood spatulas, q-tips) & never double dipping into any cream products that can harbor bacterial growth. 

  • Cleansing the skin with a micellar water solution as the first step of any makeup application to ensure that the skin is clean before I touch it with my hands or brushes. 

  • Sanitizing eyeliner, eyebrow, and lip pencils after each use by spraying them with 70% isopropyl alcohol and sharpening with a sanitized sharpener. 

  • Sanitizing any reusable tools (eyelash curlers, tweezers for applying false lashes, metal spatulas, metal or plastic palettes, pencil sharpeners) after each use with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

  • Regularly cleaning the entirety of my makeup and hair kits with disinfecting wipes. 


In response to the current pandemic, and in an effort to take every precaution to keep everyone healthy, I have been practicing increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols since April, and will continue to do so from here on out. These include:

  • It is required by law that all service providers wear a face mask during all services, as well as monitor their temperature and symptoms before each day of work. 

  • Washing my hands and then using hand sanitizer on clean hands before and after every client.

  • Wearing new nitrile gloves during each makeup application. 

  • Disinfecting my makeup chair and any surfaces in my workspace that may have been touched before and after every client with a Clorox/Lysol/Babricide wipe. 

  • Sanitizing brush handles and the exterior packaging of every product in my kit that has been touched during the makeup application/hair styling with 70% isopropyl alcohol and/or a Clorox/Lysol wipe. 

  • Using only a sanitized plastic or metal palette to hold product during a makeup application. 

  • Disinfecting all tools with non-porous surfaces after each day of use with Barbicide.


 *** These increased sanitation practices may take a little extra time, but are absolutely necessary to ensure the well being of everyone involved. Please be patient if we a running a few minutes behind due to cleaning. ***

I will be asking the following of all my clients in an effort to keep us all safe during personal services:

  • Complete a COVID-19 liability waiver + health questionnaire before your appointment. I send this waiver with your confirmation email, if you'd like to review it before then, you can find it here

  • Temperature screening will be completed with your consent.

  • You will be required to wash your hands for 20 seconds before your service. Hand sanitizer will also be provided.

  • Please remember to bring your face masks, it is mandatory for all clients and service providers to wear a face mask at all times inside and while performing services. For makeup services where masks can be removed, we will have you wait to remove your mask until you are asked to do so. 

  • Please keep phone touching to a minimum while you are in the chair.

  • No food or drinks are consumed while your makeup/hair services are being completed. 

  • Must maintain 6 feet social distancing, except during services. 

  • When entering private homes, work with customers to ensure frequent-touch surfaces are properly sanitized before and after your services.

  • Contactless payment preferred when possible.


Due the the close proximity that I work with my clients during makeup applications, bridal trials, and hair styling services, I will not work on any client who is admittedly ill, or who is displaying signs of illness. Please email, text, or call to reschedule your appointment if you are symptomatic in any way (fever, cough, etc)...there will be no cancellation fees for rescheduled services due to illness. In an effort to protect my clients, family, staff, and myself, I will reserve the right to reschedule your services if visible symptoms are displayed once you have arrived. 

We have the right to refuse service with NO REFUND if any of the following apply:

  • You arrive at your appointment showing any visible respiratory symptoms of illness even while wearing a face mask. Temperatures will be documented upon arrival with your consent, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F or higher will be unable to give or receive a service.

  • You have had, or have been in direct contact with anyone with, COVID-19 in the last 30 days.

  • You have been out of the country, in a COVID-19 "hot spot" in the last 30 days, or been in direct contact with anyone that has.

  • If you have been sick or feeling ill, PLEASE stay home and reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days later to ensure you are symptom-free.


We are continuing to waive our cancellation fees during this time with at least 12 hours notice.


Non-refundable deposits will remain non-refundable.


Our strict cancellation policy for No Shows still applies and you will be charged in full.



Thank you for understanding & please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Wishing everyone good physical and mental health through this time of uncertainty. 

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